I Will Get You Clean


Some callers have very strange fantasies that call up for phone sex, they wish to talk about things perhaps that mommy did to punish them when they were younger. Mom’s are responsible for fucking up so many guys, it’s criminal what some of these mean bitches have done to their sons. One used to call me up for phone sex and he’d be jerking off as I talked about being his mommy that would scrub him with hot, nearly scalding hot water and soap. And he wanted to hear the names of the soap, like Ivory, Palmolive, Tide.

Once he went wild when I spoke of strapping him to the roof of the car and going through he car wash, the scrubbing of the brushes all over his body drove him wild. He wanted to be put into a washing machine and a dishwasher, I think the water temperatures in there would give you severe burns! Stiff scrub brushes being raked all over his body until the skin was pink from abuse. Some have the most odd fantasies you can imagine they get off to, yet he went wild with the talk of being tied up and scrubbed until he’d nearly bleed. I just think, what the fuck did your mom do you?

Punishment and humiliation and even outright paid are very arousing to some and they like it to a terrific degree. How that’s sexy, I don’t know, but they are really getting off on it. I have a cruel and devious mind and am happy to come up with bizarre and crazy scenarios to cause you much pain and discomfort, it amuses me to talk about tormenting you and have you pay me to do it. Many times they are actually doing the things you instruct them to over the phone and loving every minute of it.


Let Me Be Your Bitch

Many men that call up a phone sex line have fantasies of being dominated by a woman, and since most have girlfriends or wives that are more on the submissive side, it’s a bit of a challenge for them to find a woman that’s willing to fuck them with a strap on, which is something a lot of guys are craving. Some that do have anal toys keep them hidden for fear their women wouldn’t understand or approve. So many want to be dressed up in little panties and feminized.

A client recently told me women are xx, men are xy, so many men are always seeking to get more into the x side of themselves. Women are the default model, so I kind of get what he’s saying. It’s actually fairly perceptive for him to even think that way. Of course lots of guys have no such desires, but I can promise you, many do and it’s a challenge for them to keep all of this hidden from their significant others. The shame, the guilt, the thinking there’s something wrong with hem, when it’s so rampant it’s unreal. I swear they should have this covered in high school sex education classes it’s so common. If it was, they’d not worry so much about why they are doing this, since they’d know so many others are as well.

It’s just something a lot of men have in them, they wish to be made the submissive partner and many men are torn up in their minds about this since society tells them they need to be the man, not the sissy, not the wimp, but the strong one, but when they feel womanly or girlish, it creates a war inside of them they surely cannot win. So many turn to phone girls to work these things out in their heads and come to some kind of understanding about it and acceptance.

I Love My Mommy


This guy called up last night with a common fantasy I hear, he wanted to fuck mommy. This is one of the most common calls I get by far. She’s usually the first woman they saw naked when they were younger and she was getting dressed or out of the shower, and of course those images stick with them throughout their lives. The one last night said he used to masturbate every night and think of his mom walking in on him and helping him out. He really wanted her to walk in when his cock was in his hand, stroking away and her be really impressed with its size.

Come over to him and sit on the bed and her say, let me do that. As he lay back and let her do all the work. Her hand lovingly stroking her son’s cock up and down, up and down, him glowing in her motherly love that’s all of a sudden turned carnal for her little boy. Her knowing fingers caressing his teenage shaft and driving him wild as he feels her pulling on his cock and massaging his balls. Then he wants mommy’s mouth on his dick, sucking and slurping away. He masturbates and thinks of mom’s tongue circling the head of his young cock, licking off all of his precum. Then her mounting him and riding his young cock.

He talks about this scene and has me be his mommy in it, telling him all the naughty things I’d do to his young cock. How I’d milk it with my pussy, wouldn’t that feel wonderful to have mommy milk your cock as she rides you and grinds against you, how naughty and forbidden that would be and make you cum so good in mommy’s pussy? Ohhh, that would feel fantastic, no one can love you like mommy can.